Devika D Majumder


Business is not work for me, just like listening to music or singing is not work to me. The love story of passion and purpose is what I am about.

Genuineness, gratefulness & spiritual fuel are the three ingredients that steer me forward. Being authentic in the era where 'artificial lime is served as a welcome drink and pure lime finds itself in a hand wash bowl' ... shows the power of your inner self. I am a firm believer that meditation keeps you centered and blissful and unlocks your true potential. If you do not believe me, give it a go. The change might astound you!

On the professional front:

  • Featured in Wall Street Journal, CNBC Awaaz, BW Business World, Economic Times, Entrepreneur, & others.
  • Started netIQ consulting right after graduation and successfully introduced key technologies and led several high profile projects at State Street Global Advisors, Staples, Inc., Putnam Investments, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co., Gateway, John Hancock, Wachovia Bank / Evergreen Investments, Investors Bank and Trust, Houghton Mifflin, ADP, to name a few.
  • Started mobileSPA and then scaled up to make it the gold standard in event management. Featured in elite media in the US including Vogue, Lucky, Hell's Kitchen, Marie Claire, et al. READ MORE

Presently, spearheading 9 businesses and 1 non profit across the globe.

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