Our Primary expertise

Ecosystem Development Consulting

Entrepreneurship, innovation and startup ecosystem development consulting from early ecosystem maturity levels to mature ecosystems.


Call us To gain more complete view of key phases of building a Startup from both; "idea to business" and "founding team to organization" perspectives, in a balanced manner.

Training Curriculum

Discovering the startup world

Our startup entrepreneurship education curriculum is powered by & Takes a deep dive to discover the startup world through the startup development phases framework, comprising of 5 modules.The first two modules focus on describing the holistic big picture about the startups, their related items and their journey as a whole, and the following three modules focus on each of the key parts of this journey, from formation to validation and to scaling.

The training curriculum's target is to increase the volume of entrepreneurship and likelihood of startup success.

Differentiate U

What's your brand recipe ?

‘Brand yourself or others will.’

We help you with the following:


  • Find your breakthrough idea and have a following around it
  • Break out of clutter

…....and discover your journey beyond brand building.

Innovators Grit

A one stop shop solution for Entrepreneurs.

This is a handcrafted solution ‘by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs’.

  • Ideation - Business Model Canvas - Lean Marketing - Pitch decks - ‘WE DO IT ALL’.
  • Hard Core Soft Skills that boost Innovation
  • ‘Connection’ strategies - ‘Your network creates your net worth’
  • ‘Shine Online’ - #socialselling strategiesi
  • Branding Bootcamp

…..and everything ‘else’ you can imagine under the vast ‘entrepreneurial’ umbrella.

Intrapreneurs Unleashed

For The Individuals Who Have Chosen To Be In The EMPLOYEE BOULEVARD.

Ask us how to:

  • Create the ‘dreamers who do’
  • nstill the thrill of creative leadership and optimise human potential
  • Master the art of ‘lean networking’
  • Become a Linkedin Ninja #linkedinninja
  • Make an Achievement Oriented Rockstar Resume

Shake It Up

Our Disruptive HR Module For Recruiters

  • We have the best minds and experience on board to make this a ‘NO ORDINARY DISRUPTION’ to suitably engage tomorrow’s talent.
  • How do you choose the #besttalent?
  • Adapting #megatrends
  • Out of the box strategies for #HRDISRUPTION

Event Keynotes, Panels & Training

Our team are seasoned international speakers and panelists for topics around entrepreneurship, creative leadership, innovation, startups, venture investing, digital solutions, career guidance & life skills. If you're organizing an event, workshop or a meeting and would like to book our team, get in touch.