Recently cited as one of the USA's top trendsetting enterprises in publications including USA Today, Redbook Magazine, Elegant Bride, Shape, Health and Fitness Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, mobileSPA is a full service, fully mobile, luxury spa services and wellness company that delivers Day Spa and event planning services to both private and corporate clients nationwide.

Successfully expanded to become a 'one stop shop for wellness and beauty' - with skilled brand ambassadors and PR pros, uber chic models who are also creme de la creme in the beauty / wellness industry.

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"Speed is the new currency in business". Introducing next-gen business training, boot-camp style, short-term programs with a laser-like focus on preparing ‘wantrepreneurs’ and existing ‘entrepreneurs’ to gear up to make a difference in the world.

A series of focused, intense, and packed with useful material, education sessions designed to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs develop the skills necessary to create successful, growth-oriented businesses.

Designed for:

  • College Students / Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to know where to start
  • Seasoned entrepreneurs looking to develop their next big idea
  • Executives seeking to galvanize their workplace with entrepreneurial thinking

You’ll leave with the tools you need to capitalize on opportunities and turn your idea into a thriving disruptive business.

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Youngpreneurs India

Youngpreneurs, a youth academy and thinki tank is India’s first entrepreneurship academy to promote innovation among youth starting at the high school level (Ages 13-19).

Our mission at Youngpreneurs, is to successfully connect the education and entrepreneur ecosystem and thereby, create globally competent, entrepreneurial citizens that will transform India’s role in the world economy.

YP program is a holistic, innovative hands-on program for the next generation of entrepreneurs . YP nurtures creativity, independence and problem-solving among pupils of all abilities, with every aspect of the Program seamlessly blending into the school curriculum. YP doesn’t interrupt your child’s education – it enhances it. Games, role playing, business simulation and laughter are an integral part of our learning activities. Students learn how to translate interests and dreams into enterprise and independence. “Harnessing your childs’ natural Creativity our program empowers them as future entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Your child could be the next Walt Disney, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. It's all about the mindset in the end. “Entrepreneurs are not ‘born’….rather they ‘become’ through the experiences of their lives”.

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I am Younpreneur

A one stop shop portal for entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Coming Soon


A global support system for all mompreneurs. By mompreneurs for mompreneurs. Coming Soon


An all encompassing marketing solution like no other. Take your loyalty program to a ‘disruptive’ level. Coming Soon

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